We Are Aan


After 10 years, two LP's, a mess of singles and EP's, and about 15 different guitar players, drummers and bass players, Bud Wilson is starting to figure out how this whole thing works.

Called everything from Freak-Folk to Prog-Pop, Their music is stuttering, spooky, sugary, driving, curious, and always catchy. Aan take a lot of sonic chances, employing out-jazz chord structures, soaring falsetto and throbbing low end. It's like Yes and Why? and The Who all together. Whoa, is that even ok?

Aan's last LP "Dada Distractions" was a heady chug of desperation and mourning. Finding influence equally in Aphrodite's Child and Alice in Chains. Their new tunes slated for LP3, Losing My Shadow, find the band in a much more bubbling soup of sound, with tracks vibing to an Odelay dirt pulse. Due out in Fall of 2018, this will be their most expansive release to date.


Vocals, Guitar / Bud Wilson
Guitar, Keys / Cameron Spies
Bass / Travis Leipzig
Drums / Dana Valatka
Keys / Sarah Mckenna